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Welcome to Johnston Commercial Real Estate, an EXP Commercial company, where we specialize in the multifamily asset class, helping our clients build generational wealth through calculated investment strategies.With a deep understanding of the Puget Sound multifamily market, we work closely with our clients to identify opportunities that align with their investment goals and risk tolerance. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, we can help you achieve your financial objectives. 

SOLD 20 unit Value Add 1031 exchange Silverdale, WA

SOLD 10 Unit 1031 Exchange Greenlake, WA

Reasons to invest in Multifamily

Cash Flow: Multifamily properties can provide investors with a steady rental income, which can generate positive cash flow. The more units a property has, the more potential income it can generate

Diversification: By investing in multifamily properties, investors can diversify their portfolios beyond stocks, bonds and other traditional investments. This can help reduce risk and increase returns over the long term.

Appreciation: Multifamily properties can appreciate in value over time providing investors with potential long-term

Tax Benefits: Investors may be able to take advantage of tax benefits with owning multifamily properties, such as deductions for the depreciasion, repairs and property management expenses.

Economies of Scale: Multifamily properties can benefit from economies of scale, as expenses , such as maintenance, utilities, and property management can be spread across multiple units.

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